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Hi everyone, it’s Stacy. Today I stumbled across this website named “Clout Pay”. I want to do an entire review of the website to ensure that it’s legit. Keep reading to find out.

What is Clout Pay ?

Well from the looks of it Clout Pay seems to be an Influencer Network. The Website has gathered over 300,000 members since its initial release in 2015.


First Outlook

The first thought that came to my head when I laid eyes on the website was “ Wow!” . I kid you not the website had me taken back due to its format. There was no extra or unnecessary information. It simply displayed all the important information that I needed. This is a big deal for me because it helps differentiate a scam from a legit site.

What do you do ?

Your task on Clout Pay is quite simple. First, you sign up. Second, you share your link and start earning. Your job is to simply share your link. You can do that by sharing it among your social media platforms. Soon after, you start earning.

Sign Up

The sign up is very easy, it’s nothing but giving your necessary information. But after that you’re brought to your dashboard. In your dashboard lies your referral link. Thereafter you retrieve you link and start earning.


The most important part of this process is sharing, It’s how you start earning. I began to share my link to all my family and friends and immediately started to see my earnings increase.

How does Clout Pay Work ?

It took me a while to find this out myself but I finally found the answer. Clout Pay works by you inviting people through your link. When you invite the website begins to build up traffic. With more traffic being built up that means more ad revenue. This can also result to welcoming an awareness to sponsored products and increase sponsor relations.

Getting Paid

Receiving my payment was obviously the most exciting part through this entire process. To receive your earnings you must schedule and request your payment. After, you must choose one of the methods to receive that payment which ranges from Cash App, Bitcoin, PayPal, and mailed checks. The payout is very quick and should be deposited immediately.

Clout Pay Testimonials

Usually when I review scams, there are dozens of bots commenting their “experience”. Which is why I don’t even bother to read any reviews. But I made the right choice and decided to give this website and chance and see for myself what other people had to say about this site. Surprisingly, with Clout Pay I got to see actual people showing their payment and real-time notifications. This was not only comforting but encouraging.

Conclusion on Clout Pay

At the end of the day, I’m happy to say that Clout Pay is legit. I got the chance to earn real money at little to no labor. I will definitely keep this as a side job, I mean who would give up making $6,000 a week?

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